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The revelation of violence, 2018, oil on canvas, dyptich, 194x130cm 

Hidden secret, acrylic on canvas, dyptich, 25x50cm

interior scene with body.jpg

Fake case, acrylic on canvas, dyptich, 25x50cm

"I gonna find out", oil on canvas, 160x160cm

Familly chat, acrylic on canvas, 114x146cm

White bed, oil on canvas, 37x43cm

 Theater, oil on canvas, 30x30cm


Smoke, oil on canvas, 37x43cm

Discussion, oil on wood panel, 37x43cm

Disapearing, oil on canvas, 25x25cm

Smoke II, oil on canvas, 37x43cm

Fire in the woods, oil on canvas, 42x43cm

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